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[Podcast] Terrifier – Demon House – Bong of the Living Dead – Episode 13 – Gruesome Magazine

This week the Grue-Crew run up against a killer clown named Art, smack down some devils in Demon House, and get stoned with Bong of the Living Dead. First up

[Podcast] Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974) – Episode 71 – Decades of Horror 1970s

"What he doesn't know about vampirism wouldn't fill a flea's codpiece." Wow! He must know a lot about vampires, right? Of course, the quote is referring to this episode’s subject.

[Podcast] Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 4 – Unfinished Business – Horror News Radio

Horror on TV has never been as spectacular as it is at present, genre fans are getting everything from Stephen King adaptations to American Horror Story to franchise reboots on the small

Infinity Stones, Wild Boars, and Corey Feldman on Flash Forward Friday Forecast – 3/16/2018

Each week, the Grue Crew at Gruesome Magazine, Horror News Radio, and Decades of Horror will share the latest horror, sci-fi, and genre trailers of the week in a new

Foreign Frights – Phantom Factor

Deep within the bowels of Gruesome Magazine headquarters, an elusive ghostly creature lurks. The Grue Crew can’t put their finger on what it is. Some say it’s a Batman style

[Podcast] Strangers: Prey At Night – Episode 258 – Horror News Radio

Strangers: Prey At Night is the sequel no one was anticipating nor wanted. 10 years after the original and with none of the original cast or crew involved? It sounds like

Stephen King Takes To The Skies In New Horror Anthology ‘Flight Or Fright’

Stephen King has his hands in a new horror anthology heading our way this fall from Cemetery Dance Publications.  With a title like 'Flight Or Fright' - you can pretty

Vigilante Justice Makes A Return In The Trailer For ‘Death Kiss’

It's only been what - 2 weeks since Eli Roth's remake of 'Death Wish' hit theaters? While Bruce Willis starred this time around - the classic original starred the one

Rob Zombie Confirms – ‘3 From Hell’ Is Happening – And It’s Filming As You Read This

Been a few years since rocker, writer, director Rob Zombie has been behind the camera and while rumors of his next film project have been floating around the entire times

‘WINCHESTER’ Is Headed To Blu-ray – Details Here

Did you check out WINCHESTER when it was in theaters?  I don't think you did but the good new is - we don't have to wait long to check it