[Podcast] Day of the Dead (1985) – Episode 114 – Decades of Horror 1980s

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“Choke on ’em. CHOKE ON ‘EM!” Rhodes (Joseph Pilato) tells those ghouls exactly what they can do with his own guts. It’s a terrifying example of zombie carnage. One that still stands as a special effects achievement for Tom Savini. Still, does that mean Day of the Dead holds a candle to what George A. Romero started […]

“Tsunambee” (2015): Confusing Killer Bee Movie Has No Sting

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Tsunambee. It’s a great title, a title that fills your imagination with images of wave after wave after wave of killer bees rolling over hundreds, perhaps thousands of ‘innocent’ people vainly trying to flee from the death by a million stings. (Those allergic to bee stings, if course, violently explode in a burst of blood, […]

Seoul Station - Trailer

Board the “Train to Busan” With the Trailer for “Seoul Station”

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South Korean zombies-on-a-train flick Train to Busan (2016) was a fan favorite when it came out last year. Now, find out where those zombies came from with the animated prequel Seoul Station (2017). Train to Busan‘s director, Yeon Sang-ho, takes directorial duties in this film as well. Let us take a look at the trailer: It looks pretty cool. Here […]

Romero Packs His Bags And Gets Ready To Travel The ‘Road Of The Dead’

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Honestly – it’s damn near impossible to not think of the name George Romero when you hear the zombie genre mentioned – even though the horror icon has not produced any zombie wares in what – damn near a decade? Well, horror fans – it appears is that is all about to change.  An original […]

Empire State of the Dead

“Empire State of the Dead” (2017): New Anthology Chronicling the Early Days of the Zombie Outbreak in New York State

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Here is a neat way to showcase regional filmmakers. Empire State of the Dead (2017) is a new anthology film chronicling the early days of a zombie outbreak in New York State. The twist is that each of the segments that make up the film is directed by a different New York State filmmaker. It is […]

Dead Squad

“Dead Squad”: Zombiefest Featuring Giant Zombie King and Queen Films in Bali

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Exotic Balinese jungle locations, a seven-foot-tall zombie king, and a six-foot-eight zombie queen — What more could you want in an action/zombie/comedy/adventure film? The upcoming zombie film Dead Squad has been shooting in Bali this month. Its two biggest (or should we say tallest?) stars are seven footer Conan Stevens (Game of Thrones (2011)) and six-foot-eight Erika Evans (aka […]

Holidead - crowdfunding

“HoliDead”: Crowdfunding Campaign Launches for Croatian Spring Breakers Vs. Zombies Film

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If you ever wanted to help fund a Croatian Spring Breakers vs. Zombies horror/comedy, now is your chance. Croatian filmmakers Dario Lonjak and Velimir Grgic have kicked off their crowdfunding campaign for the independent, zombedy HoliDead. Lonjak and Grgic have co-written the script, with Lonjak slated to direct and Grgic acting as producer. The “elevator pitch” is that it essentially […]


The Japanese Zombie Invasion: Three New Zombie Manga Titles That Deliver The Goods

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Stateside horror fans have long now been able to find the Japanese take on the zombie via US VHS and DVDs. While there were some attempts that felt like a more serious take on the genre, such as 2000’s Versus, many more of the ones that have made their way to these shores were of […]

Voodoo Child - Book One: Zombie Uprising

“Voodoo Child, Book One: Zombie Uprising” (2016) – First Novel in a New Action Horror Series Is Now Available

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Those looking to catch up on their reading but still wanting to enjoy some action-oriented horror now can check out the new zombie novel Voodoo Child, Book One: Zombie Uprising (2016) by William Burke. This is the first book in his Voodoo Child series which centers on the zombie-fighting adventures of ex-mercenary Maggie Child. Author Burke […]

A young girl with a bloody mouth

“The Girl With All the Gifts” (2016): A Gift to Zombie Fans Comes Home on Blu-ray, Dvd, and Digital HD on April 25

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The post-apocalyptic, sci-fi zombie thriller The Girl with All the Gifts (2016) is coming to home video (Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, and Digital HD) on April 25, 2016. M.R. Carey wrote the script based on his own Edgar Award-winning short story Iphigenia in Aulis. The feature directorial debut of Colm McCarthy, it stars Glenn Close […]

[Comic Review] ReAnimator #1-4 from Dynamite Entertainment

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Seduction of the Innocent: The Gruesome Magazine review of ReAnimator #1-4  from Dynamite Entertainment. Hello, again, Grue-believers! Your old pal Chad again with this week’s creepy comic review! I love ReAnimator. Love it. One of my favorite horror films ever. Stuart Gordon’s genius mix of dark comedy and utter horror even outdid Lovecraft’s original story […]