“The Wake” (2017): Not Quite Ready to be Memorialized

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While at first glance it may seem a bit derivative of films like I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Wake (written and directed by, as well as starring, Bryan Brewer), just barely manages to set itself apart from them with an ending that takes a sharp 90 degree turn away from everything that […]

“Strip Club Massacre” (2017): Take a Pass on This Lap Dance

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Like taking peanut butter and chocolate and putting them together to make a tasty treat, taking a strip club and adding in a massacre should result in a winning combination for most horror fans.  Sadly, however, Bob Clark’s Strip Club Massacre comes out tasting more like someone used just butter with the chocolate, forgetting about […]

She Kills

“She Kills”: Indie Grindhouse Homage Thrusts Itself Onto Home Video

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Indie horror-comedy She Kills has gotten lots of positive buzz on the festival circuit. It hit iTunes, Amazon Video, and Vimeo in the fall of 2016, and now SRS Cinema is getting ready to release it to home video (DVD, cable, and VOD) on April 11, 2017. Check out the trailer for writer/director Ron Bonk‘s homage to 1970s drive-in […]

Get My Gun

“Get My Gun”: Teaser Trailer Released for Upcoming Indie Revenge Flick

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We have got a teaser trailer for Get My Gun, an upcoming indie revenge picture that should be hitting the festival circuit soon. The tagline is “You’ve made your bed. Now die in it.” Here is the official synopsis: Get My Gun follows the character of Amanda, whom after an innocent prank, finds herself pregnant and out […]