Stephen King Takes To The Skies In New Horror Anthology ‘Flight Or Fright’

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Stephen King has his hands in a new horror anthology heading our way this fall from Cemetery Dance Publications.  With a title like ‘Flight Or Fright’ – you can pretty easily figure out where the horrors are going to be centered this time around. “Please fasten your seatbelts and return your tray table to its […]

Indie Horror Anthology 10/31 Available On DVD and VHS

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Fans of horror anthology films are no strangers to the work of P.J. Starks – he’s the force behind the wildly popular ‘Volumes of Blood’ series and a slew of other high end indie projects.  One such project is 10/31 – a great little Halloween themed horror anthology that has gone and made its trip […]

Empire State of the Dead

“Empire State of the Dead” (2017): New Anthology Chronicling the Early Days of the Zombie Outbreak in New York State

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Here is a neat way to showcase regional filmmakers. Empire State of the Dead (2017) is a new anthology film chronicling the early days of a zombie outbreak in New York State. The twist is that each of the segments that make up the film is directed by a different New York State filmmaker. It is […]

Torture Garden

“Torture Garden” (1967): A Horror Sideshow Where All the Acts Are Worth Catching

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The fun thing with horror anthology films is that they are a bit like carnival sideshows — one is guaranteed to see a variety of oddities. Even if not all of the acts are hits, one almost always finds something one likes. With Amicus Productions’ Torture Garden (1967), director Freddie Francis and screenwriter Robert Bloch […]

Stephen King, J.J. Abrams And Hulu Surprise Us All With A Trip To ‘Castle Rock’

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Any self-respecting Stephen King fan is well aware of the importance of the fictional town of Castle Rock – it has held a special place in numerous King stories and as such – a special place in the hearts of the fans. So, you can imagine the extreme glee that comes with the announcement that […]

“All Hallows’ Eve 2” (2015): An Anthology Worth Picking Apart

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The review for All Hallows’ Eve 2 contains spoilers. So, watch the dang movie before reading this or go to my final thoughts to see if I deem it worthy of your time. This little ditty is an anthology film and one thing I’ll say about anthology horror films is I usually enjoy them. Not […]